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Success Stories

The Results are In

These images are just some of the incredible transformations that take place after completing 21-Day and 40-Day Rounds of the Amino Accell Power Pack.

I am forever grateful to Rocky Mountain Health and Performance for challenging me to have an ultimately better, more fulfilling life and for teaching me how to remain healthy in my dietary choices.

After a 21-Day Round of the Amino Accell Power Pack, I have lost over 25 pounds and am continuing to lose! I have more energy, feel clearer in my mind, and look forward to the future. Thank you RMHP!

I Feel Good About Myself Again!

After only a few days my body had let go of pounds and I was feeling better. The weight loss kept coming off consistently. I actually looked forward to going out because I had clothes that fit and felt good about myself! The eating plan was easy and at the end of the 21 days, I'd lost 15 pounds and 6 total inches - even off my hips and thighs which have always been my most difficult areas.

Deanne H.

Total Life Change

I have lost 50lbs so far. My back and knee pain has eased quite a bit. I have more energy. My marriage has improved. I am no longer depressed and I am optimistic for the future.


85 Pounds Lost In Three Months

Seven years ago I found myself overweight, stressed and feeling sluggish. This was the change that I needed. With their guidance and amazing products I realized something I thought was never possible. I was introduced to a weight loss process that helped me lose over 85 pounds within the first 3 months. My life became one that no longer involved IBS, allergies, snoring and a daily lethargic realm. I began running, swimming, and whatever I could to challenge myself. I am challenging you to contact RMHP today to experience the opportunity to change your life. Talk to them about the Amino Accell Diet! The Amino Accell Diet along with their guidance will help you realize your weight loss goals and more. Find your true potential today. It is seven years later and I'm still realizing the wonderful life that these amazing individuals provided for me.

Jeff L.